Cronkshaw Fold: Customer Demand Research
Complete the questions below, and as a thank you get entered into our competition to name the farm lake!
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We currently do not have shower facilities for guests coming to stay: *
Would you be more likely to book a wedding with us if the toilet facilities were next to the wedding venue (they're currently away across the farmyard) *
If we had private bathrooms that came with your glamping accommodation: (tick all that apply) *
If we had a lake view sauna you could book to use, would you: (tick all that apply) *
Currently Our largest accommodation sleeps three and none of our accommodations are suitable for wheel chair/ frail guest access. Tick all that apply: *
What do you think would be a fair price to book the sauna for 2.5 hours for yourself and up to 4 others? (in the same Covid bubble) *
tell us your name suggestion for the farm lake!
Random thoughts box! Any ideas you'd love us to implement? Suggestions? Critiques?
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We are applying for funding to:

1) Improve our loos for our wedding visitors, school groups and other farm activity participants - currently we only have one loo in the old stable block so we would like to add 2 more.
3) Buy a woodfired sauna for next to our lake. We know in these times of covid stress levels are high. The sauna is a small, 5 birth hut and will be located by out lake (see the picture!) with a large window to see the incredible views. There will be an automated booking system - just go on our website, choose the slot you'd like to visit, pay and that's it. This means no having to mix with others outside your covid-safe bubble. The sauna will be cleaned in between each use and due to the high temperatures and outdoor setting, the associated risks are very low, meaning you can book yourself a real treat
2) Turn Our not very glamorous barn toilet block into separate bathrooms with showers - These will be for our guests coming to stay and for those . Currently we don't have any showers for guests coming to stay. This will mean when you book either our tree house or either of our huts, you will get your own swanky heated private bathroom.
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