Pressing needs
The goal of this survey, from the Association for Episcopal Deacons, is to learn what kinds of needs deacons experience in their work, so the association can intentionally work to address these areas and/or provide resources where possible.
Your name
Diocese where you serve
Your local area
Which of these best describes the area where you're serving as a deacon
Clear selection
What kinds of support do you most need at present?
Describe, as far as you can, what might help you in your ministry in the areas you checked above. For instance, if you need resources/materials or training, what topics would be most beneficial? If you want more interaction with colleagues, how often / what kind?
Support from your diocese
Diocesan financial support for diaconal leaders' participation in the Archdeacon and Deacon Directors Conference
This is currently true
This used to be true (not this year)
I don't know whether they would or not
Diocese fully or partially pays for 1 archdeacon or deacon director
Diocese fully or partially pays for additional leader(s)
Diocese doesn't pay anything
Details re: diocesan support for conference
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