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Use this form to indicate your interest in participating in specific planned training dates in April and May.
IF USING THIS FORM IS PROHIBITIVE IN ANY WAY, please call Dottie Zold at 323-975-6468, and we can talk through the same information on the phone.


Here is basic information for the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival:

We are in an intense period of training and preparation for 40 Days of Moral Action in Sacramento that starts May 14. This began publicly on April 14 with a National Poor People's Campaign Simultaneous Training Day, when states across the country will all provide training in Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action to prepare for the 40 Days of Moral Action. California's event is in Sacramento, Oakland, and Santa Ana at .

Once the "40 Days of Moral Action" start on May 14, California PPC will conduct trainings in Sacramento on a weekly basis. These "Action Prep" trainings will be directly related to specific nonviolent moral direct actions planned each week, and offered for people intending to participate (or considering whether to do so). They will include specifics about the scenario of the action, civil disobedience training for the specific context, legal considerations, and a recommitment to the PPC Covenant of Nonviolence (see below).

The PPC has a Covenant of Nonviolence which is required for all participants in action. You can find it at this link. If you wish to participate as a trainer, please consider seriously if you yourself can make this commitment, as our training days will introduce this and invite people to consider making the same commitment. The covenant is here (copy and paste to browser):

Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action organizes people and develops leaders who collectively focus their righteous indignation to change the conditions of society. In the process, we build a Beloved Community where all are valued, respected and cherished.

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