2019 Richmond County Fair 4-H Poultry Show
Saturday, August 10, 10 am

Fill out separate google forms for each bird.

If pullorum test has not yet been conducted, please contact Wendy Herdman.

Please understand that the poultry show may be cancelled at any time due to any signs of Avian Influenza in the area.

Please plan to bring birds to the fair between 3pm and 5pm on Tuesday, August 6 and leave them on the fairgrounds until 8pm on Saturday, August 10.

The exhibitor will complete self-inspection documentation prior to bringing poultry to the fairgrounds. The exhibitor will not bring poultry to the show grounds if they believe they have been exposed, within 35 days, to any flocks showing symptoms of Avian Influenza.

Entry subject to the rules governing competition as published in competition guide. I agree to read and abide by all the rules and 4-H Code of Conduct. I will complete the exhibitor self-inspection prior to bringing my poultry to the fairgrounds, and will provide the form to show staff prior to unloading my poultry.

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