Volunteer Reference & Certificate Request Form
It is now your time to receive your reward in return of your hard work! :)

Before you proceed, please read below for instructions and warnings.

Be advised that it is your responsibility to submit the document request form (minimum) 4 weeks in advance. If you fail to do so, contact Ann Rhi (Deputy Director, 778 822 3124) immediately to discuss possible options.

If your attendance is below 96% per semester, your request will be forfeited.

The submission of one complete request form will process only one type of document. If you wish to make requests for multiple documents, it is your responsibility to submit request forms accordingly.

Provide all the information to your best knowledge in the "Details" section. Your cooperation will help us to accelerate the process of your document's production.

Be advised that the contents of your document will be true to your performance and attitude portrayed at Milal. If you were disrespectful and tardy, they will not be hidden, and will possibly be reflected on the document, as these documents demand for facts and honest opinions.

Let's begin the process!
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