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Hello, I am Casey Renee, I am an award winning cosplayer but you probably already know about me and my cosplay if you have found this commission sheet. Hopefully you're here because you are considering me to commission your next costume. Here's a few things you need to know before filling out this form:

1) I do not offer discounts for any reason. This is my full time job and I can't afford to be giving anyone discounts or costumes in return for "exposure".
2) It takes about 1-2 weeks for me to do research IF I am considering taking on your costume, if your budget is too low for my price point I will email you within a week to let you know I cannot make your costume.
3) This is a collaborative process however I am very busy so I do not offer detailed WIP consistently. I do offer to make your costume on stream where you can pop in and see what I have been working on. Also, it might take me a few days to get back to you so don't stress if I don't respond within 48 hours (72 if its over a weekend), I promise I will get back to you.
4) Finally, I do take payment plans but I do not start costumes without the price of materials covered.

I look forward to getting you a quote and hopefully making your cosplay dreams come true.

1860's Cinderella Commission
Beauxbaton Commission
Gold Suit
Disney Ball Gowns
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