Pivot Shuttle eMTB Demo - 12n RSVP 7/21/19
Say goodbye to those long demo lines. By filling this form out completely and accurately you will be able to arrive at the demo tent, give us your name, sign a waiver and ride away! Oh, don't forget your CC and DL as we will need to hold those while you rock your rad demo bike!
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***HEADS UP*** ONLY RESERVE A BIKE THAT YOU KNOW WILL FIT YOU. If you reserve a bike that doesn't fit "just to get a spot" you are effectively taking away a bike from someone who would otherwise be able to ride it. Also, this will help us confirm you're on the proper size as a lot of folks will be inbetween sizes. If you are between sizes please round down as these 29er eMTBs will be on the bigger feeling side of things. Additionally, if something looks strange to us we will cancel the reservation, release your reserved bike back to the public and reach out to you. Answer wisely!
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So, how tall are you?
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We will set sag in advance by knowing your rider weight which includes MTB shoes, helmet, loaded pack, etc. Be honest!
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Please bring your own pedals just in case!
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