Scranton HS Select Choirs Audition Information
Please find below information on our upcoming auditions for the SCRANTON H.S. KNIGHT RHYTHMS, SHOW CHOIRS and CHAMBER CHOIR. We admire your willingness to audition. You never achieve anything in life unless you are willing to take a chance on yourself.

While obviously everyone who auditions will not be selected, the groups will be chosen from those willing to take the chance. Please contact us if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing your there!

Your initial audition must be submitted in the form of a video, unlisted, posted on YouTube. The link must be sent to no later than April 12th. This video should contain a brief introduction of yourself and at least 16-24 bars of singing (45-60seconds).

We will hold choreography teaching days on April 16th and 18th from 4:30-6:00PM. You must attend at least one session.

Upon review, you will then receive an emailed callback for the formal audition. All students will need to be present for the entire audition session on April 25th. It will run from 5PM until you present your solo/individual audition, plan for no earlier than 7PM.

The Knight Rhythms is an auditioned group of 48-52 singers. The Knight Rhythms performance schedule is extensive, with several full choir performances as well as ensemble performances throughout the year. There is an annual educational trip with an emphasis on choral performances and competition as well as other special competition overnights as they become available. A choir of high caliber requires full commitment on the part of its members. Students are expected to participate fully in the classroom, in supplementary rehearsals, and in all performances. The directors may choose to lower a student’s grade as a result of unexcused absences or lack of effort. Parents are expected to attend scheduled meetings to discuss matters of importance to the choir.

There are costs associated with being in this ensemble, including performance attire supplements (costume/dress shoes, under garments, costume jewelry, etc.) and travel expenses (we will provide two sets of apparel for each student; men will wear tuxedos with an variety of vests/bow ties). Students, and often parents, are expected to participate in the selected fundraising activities throughout the year, including stadium concessions.

Our two competitive show choirs are First Edition and Glitter & Gold.

First Edition is our mixed ensemble consisting of boys and girls in four parts. It is the first show choir that we formed here at Scranton HS and the first competitive show choir in the state.

Glitter & Gold is a unisex (all-female) show choir consisting of female voices singing up to four part harmonies. It is the second show choir we created here at Scranton HS and the first competitive unisex show choir in the state.

The Chamber Choir is an auditioned group of 28 singers. The singers are vocally challenged through advanced level of singing and complex harmonies from choral music from a variety of atonal compositions. To increase creative expressive, singers are also asked to perform music with choreography. Singers learn to work in small groups (sectionals) and become leaders within the group in preparation to advance to Knight Rhythms if they can make the commitment.

Audition Information

x All applications must be received by April 12, 2019.
x Students auditioning should sign in the Band Room (RM239) on Tuesday, April 25th at 5:00PM.
x All students will complete three parts to the audition; Choreography, Sight-Singing and Vocal Exercises, and your prepared solo.
x Please bring a copy of your current report card.
x Academic Teacher Recommendation (Middle School ONLY)
x Complete the entire audition form and audition agreement.

Choose a solo piece from Broadway/Show Tune repertoire, that you feel shows off your vocal talent. More than likely we will not have you finish the piece, so plan to sing the best 32 bars of your song (90-120 seconds). Also, your piece should be prepared and memorized! A good reference for audition pieces is Please BE ORIGINAL, SURPRISE US! We don’t want to hear “Part of your World” ten times. Preparation is key!

Remember you are making an impression in every aspect of the audition, look and act the part. You can use a CD Accompaniment Track, accompanist, or sing acapella. In fact, we highly recommend using a background track. You can find instrumentals for free on YouTube, or for very cheap on iTunes. Your audition will be in front of the directors and one or two audition assistants. Current officers of Knight Rhythms will be around to assist you.

*Important note for parents: We will be happy to discuss aspects of singing and dancing that your child can improve upon for next year, but we will not discuss audition scores. Think calmly and rationally before you decide to make any phone calls or e-mails.

We will not reply to any e-mails submitted up until the list is posted. Try as hard as we might, if your child’s name does not appear on any list, it is likely an oversight and will be corrected. Please be respectful and hold all calls until after the weekend. Keep in mind we always have what is best for the choirs at the forefront of all decisions that we make.

2019-2020 Choir Results

Results and rosters for each choir for the 2019-2020 school year will be posted Friday, May 3rd, at 9PM on the choir website Please be attentive to your email, there may be a call back scheduled.


x Be Prepared. Know your music from memory. Do your best to retain choreography while being demonstrated.
x Be Organized. Know what is expected of you in advance. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you aren't sure of something involved in the audition. Read all instructions and information carefully. Don't ask questions that are answered in the printed form or already covered in group announcements.
x Meet All Deadlines. Follow all guidelines and directions for the audition. This shows responsibility and dependability, which is a great asset.
x Don't Apologize or Make Excuses. Don't leave a poor impression by apologizing for your performance or health. Do the best you can on that day.
x If You Make a Mistake, Keep Going If At All Possible. If not, simply stop and ask to start over. Take a few seconds to collect yourself…breathe deeply…and then try again. Don't worry about your mistake. Sometimes the way you carry off a mistake can be an asset. It gives the auditioner a chance to see how you handle the situation. Remember - we all make mistakes and the auditioner is pulling for you to do well.
x Don't Forget To Smile! Warmth and enthusiasm are the greatest contributions anyone could bring to an audition.
x Just Be You. Be HONEST, SINCERE, and STRAIGHT FORWARD in your audition. The auditioner wants to know you and see your own unique qualities.


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