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Last month, I opened up an incredible new Community on Discord for my Private Guitar Students called Sugarman’s Lesson Lounge 🤘🏼 Now, I'm inviting YOU to join in on an experimental wave of new students being accepted into the community to help us make it even better... All of this happening before the BIG launch, which you won't want to miss out on.

The Lesson Lounge is everything you’ve ever wanted in a social media platform, without the drama and negativity... Now you’ll get the direct positive support of your fellow guitar friends, direct contact with other musicians like yourself, and all the inspiration in the world — all without the bs 🙌🏼

Through this free community, you’ll get a multiple array of different types of content including lessons, blogs, streams, licks, studio tips, ongoing games with prizes, guitar repair, mental resources, and a community chatroom to talk all things music, all the time.

The SLL student based community is priceless because of a the Social Currency it provides, seen nowhere else in the guitar player community. Simply being a part of it makes you want to grow each and every day.

My Lesson Lounge provides non-monetary substance for you to spend in music and life however you choose.
Beyond the fact that you’ll have direct access to me, you'll also get something super special discounts on musical items that exist nowhere else — you have to join for yourself to see!

Complete the form below, get the SECRET ACCESS LINK at completion, follow the instructions, and get your own key to the gate 🔑

After that, the sky is the limit - introduce yourself, and become immersed in a world of information and support.

I love you more than you know, and I literally cannot wait to share this with you! Big, big plans in motion - and you're a part of it now.

Thanks so much for reading and participating, be sure to enter your Primary Email Address below!

- Dan Sugarman
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First Name + Last Name at least! Add your middle name if you feel spicy... mine is Eric!
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For instance, my full name is Daniel Eric Sugarman - but I go by Dan \m/
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I'm 29... I feel like I'm almost an adult!
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Mine is (210) 570-8586 - Don't believe me? Try it...
How long have you been playing the Guitar? *
Did you know that 93% of Guitar Players give up before their first year playing? [Fender paid a lot of money to find out that statistic] Did you know that the same 93% die-off rate exists for every year after that? That means that you've been in the 7% of winners who can survive the gauntlet ...every year that you've been playing! This means the survivor rate of a 2 year player is 7% of the 7%... Consider this for a moment, give yourself a pat on the back, and let's keep winning!
What level of Guitar Player do you consider yourself? *
What are your Strengths as a Guitarist? *
In other words - what are you comfortable playing? List as many techniques and things as you'd like...
What are your Weaknesses as a Guitarist? *
In other words... what areas in your guitar playing are you uncomfortable with? What causes system failure for you? List as many techniques & approaches as you possibly can \m/
What are your SUPER Strengths as a Guitarist? *
Ready for a Dark thought? --- Imagine someone has a gun to your head and says "Impress me, or Die!" | What types of things would you play? What techniques would you use? (No song titles) --- [My Example: Legato, Technical Riffing, Pitch Axis Theory]
What do you feel like is wrong with modern day online lessons? *
How would you improve your ability to learn online? *
What did you come here to learn? *
What Techniques do you want to learn from me? *
Why do you feel like I'm the one who can help get you to where you want to be musically? *
If you had to summarize my brand in ONE word, what would it be? *
"A brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room" - Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO)... I'm not here! Drop truth bombs 🤣
Have you ever used Discord before? *
If you have - What are your favorite groups?
Will you be a highly active and engaged member of this community? *
Responsive | Supportive | Available | Committed to checking in on Others + Yourself
Do you promise to Open and Respond to every Notification you get from Me on The Lesson Lounge? *
It's very important that you set your notifications up properly once you download the Discord App in order to make sure I can reach you for the release of new content \m/
Do you solemnly swear to keep all things going on inside of Sugarman's Lesson Lounge a Secret unless otherwise instructed? *
This is a massive experiment that I'm letting you in on, and your ability to keep this all under wraps is essential!
What are your intentions behind joining this Community? *
What is your reason for wanting to be involved in this movement & community?
What is are the 3 Major Goals you hope to accomplish by joining this Community? *
List them in as much detail as you'd like --- The more you can hone in on the specifics of your goal, the more easily they'll be accomplished!
What types of lessons and content do you hope to receive through Sugarman's Lesson Lounge? *
The sky is the limit! What do you want to see, hear, and learn about?
Let's talk about your Influences & Musical DNA... What are your favorite Genres? *
Click the options that make you who you are... What did you grow up on? What do you listen to most? If you get cut, what music do you bleed?
Who are your favorite Bands? *
What Bands inspired you to start playing? Who did you listen to the most as a kid? Who do you listen to the most now? What Bands do you try to emulate when you write?
Who are your favorite Guitar Players? --- What about them is most appealing to you? *
What players inspired you to pick up the instrument? Who do you look up to now? What players do you try to emulate when you play?
Who are your favorite non-guitar playing Musicians? [No Vocals] --- What about them is most appealing to you? *
Do any bass players inspire you? Drummers? Piano, sax, trumpet, violin, etc. | Any instrument - who helped turn you into who you are?
Who are your favorite vocalists? --- What about them is most appealing to you? *
Singers, Screamers, Male or Female - Is it the vibrato? The way the phrase? You love their tone, or aggression? Let me know!
What are your hobbies/passions/interests outside of the guitar? What do you like to do in your spare time? *
Where do you spend most of your time on Social Media? *
What's your favorite way to receive Educational Material? *
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