Fall 2020 Registration
Please use this form to register for all forms of coaching with Leanne Powner for the Fall 2020 term (Aug 31- Approx Nov 25). This includes Dissertation 1-on-1, Faculty Academic Coaching (60 min), Faculty Accountability Coaching (30 min), and Developmental Editing (continuing clients and new clients by prior arrangement only). Note the new option for Developmental Editing clients to select a 30-minute or a 60-minute session.
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What coaching program are you registering for? Fees for all programs will be listed on my website as soon as they can be calculated (see note at bottom). *
What persistent schedule conflicts (classes, standing meetings, family obligations) do you have for the term that we would need to schedule around? If you are on full time writing status with no commitments, write "none." I will use this information to generate the draft schedule. If you are uncertain about family obligation timing, just note so and we'll schedule you once you know what's up. *
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OPTIONAL: What is a convenient phone number to reach you should Zoom be uncooperative or I need to cancel on short notice?
Registration Commitment - READ CAREFULLY
I understand that by submitting this form, I am committing to a semester of coaching as selected above and will promptly pay all associated fees. Payment arrangements are available by request. I also understand that Leanne is in the process of scheduling jaw surgery for mid/late November; the term may be shortened by up to a week should Leanne's surgery be scheduled before the expected date with no compensation. If more than one week is lost to surgical date changes, make-up opportunities will be offered in the winter once Leanne is able to return to work. Pain and other situations pending, we may try to connect for a week in early December so you can plan to use that time most effectively.
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