Pickleball Mini-clinics Interest Form
Thank you to the students, coaches -- Jill Dembroff, Glenn Dembroff, and Sherry Taylor -- and others who made the Feb. 17 Visalia mini-clinics a big success!

This form will remain open for recording your interest in future mini-clinics in your area -- you will be notified when and if new events are scheduled.

Almost free* doubles pickleball mini-clinics. These 1-hour classes will be taught by experienced local player volunteers. Limited space is available in all-ages beginner and "improver" (1.5 to 2.5 skill level rating -- see http://ifpickleball.org/ifp-rating-descriptions/ ) groups. Classes for higher skill levels will be added subject to coach availability.
Loaner paddles will be provided while supplies last, with priority to beginners and in order of registration!
Students will be grouped -- 3 or 4 per coach -- according to their experience at other racket/paddle sports or self-rated pickleball skill. Beginner groups will focus on the essential rules and strokes. "Improvers" will choose either the Physical Skills clinic or the Tactics clinic.

*Expenses such as court rental (if needed to ensure availability) will be passed on to students. Example: if deemed necessary, the cost for 1 hour at City of Visalia public courts would be only about one dollar per student.

To be determined. You can help choose this by telling us your preferred days and times in the form below.

To be determined. Our February 17 2018 event was at Plaza Park Pickleball Complex in Visalia CA.

All ages. Beginners with or without experience at another racket/paddle sport, and "improvers." Our Feb. 17 event featured classes for players up to 2.5 skill rating. We'd love to serve higher level players too and will do if we have coaches for this (e.g. 4.0+ rated players to coach 3.0 students).

For students, to learn the game or to improve more quickly than by "just playing."
For coaches, to "pay forward" those who helped you in your early days, for the good of the "Picklemmunity"(SM) (pickleball community!).
For all, to have fun with your picklefriends or make new ones.

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Clinic descriptions (you'll select one below)
* Beginner with prior racket/paddle sport experience
- You have never played pickleball -- or, at most, have played a couple games and are pretty hazy on the fundamental rules -- but have experience at another racket or paddle sport. (You don't have to be great at that sport for it to make a significant difference as a pickleball beginner!)

* Beginner without prior racket/paddle sport experience
- As above, but no, or practically no, other racket or paddle sport experience. Expect a lot of missing and awkwardness! We're here to get you through it!

* Improver (1.5 to 2.5 rating) physical skills clinic
- You have played at least a few games and know the commonly needed rules.
- Focus is on strokes and footwork.

* Improver (1.5 - 2.5 rating) tactics clinic
- You have played at least a few games and know the commonly needed rules.
- Focus is on what to do in a given situation -- where to be and where to (try to) hit the ball -- rather than how.

Select a clinic *
(If you select an Improver clinic and it is full, you'll automatically have a chance at the other.)
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