4989 American Life アンケートSurvey
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I will send a 4989 sticker to the first 100 people who fill out your name and address at the bottom!
Of course, I appreciate you answering only the survey section without name and address.

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1. 年齢 - Age *
2. 性別 - Gender *
3. 住んでいる国 - Country you live in *
4. 母国語 - Native Language *
5. 日本語レベル - What your Japanese level
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6. 仕事 - Occupation
7. 趣味 - Hobby
8. いつから4989を聴いていますか?(Since when you’ve listen to 4989?)
9. 4989を聴く頻度 (How often do you listen to 4989?)
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10. 4989の好きな所 (What’s your favorite about 4989?)
11. 4989の改善してほしい所 (What can 4989 improve?)
12. 現在のエピソードの長さ(約30分)について (The current episode length (about 30 min))
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13. 4989の中でどういう系の話が好きですか?(Which stories/categories do you like in 4989?)
14. こんな話が聞きたいなどあれば (What kind of stories/categories do you want to listen to?)
15. 4989を聞いているApp/サービス (App/Service you use to listen to 4989)
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16. 4989の他に聞いているPodcast (Any other podcasts you listen to regularly)
17. 好きなYouTubeチャンネル (Your favorite YouTube channel)
18. 企画の提案、応援メッセージなどご自由に (Any suggestions, messages to Utaco!)
19. お名前 Full Name
20. E-mail
21. 住所 Address
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