Be on the Mass Box Magazine Cover!
Would you like to be on cover of a Mass Box Magazine issue?

We love to include families and kids from around the world in the Mass Box! We'll send you a craft to make and take photos with 3-4 months in advance of a month. You will have a week to take photos and e-mail them back to us!  

We will contact you with the date to expect crafts and the month for which the crafts will appear.

We love family and multiple kid shots too! But at least one child must appear between the ages of 4-8.

For privacy, we do NOT the publish names of those in photos.

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The names and ages of the child (children) who are/appear ages 4-8: *
Additional family members and ages (for kids) and relationship to kids (for adults) of those who will be in the photos:
Please provide a link to a photo/photos of those who will be included: *
Name for mailing craft: *
Mailing address line 1: *
Mailing address line 2:
City *
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Zip code: *
Your e-mail address: *
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I will make sure everyone over 18 and legal guardians for minors sign and return release forms for all those in the photos: *
I will make sure everyone in photos is not wearing materials with logos/logos are not present in the photo. I will take and send at least 10 photos of the kids crafting/holding the final craft at a resolution of at least 3 mp (5 or greater preferred) within one week of receiving the materials. I understand specific submission directions and photo tips will be sent with the craft. I understand that The Mass Box will make every effort to use my photos, but cannot guarantee that my photos will be used.   *
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