How are you doing as a freelancer?
This is not a rhetorical question.

We are deeply interested in your point of view, so we decided to organize a survey that maps your freelance business from A to Z. The survey will help us to improve understanding of business setups and the needs of freelancers. The results will appear in the media, a new book, and at — in October or November 2024.

The questionnaire is anonymous. It takes about 15 minutes to complete and there is a small reward at the end.

Thanks so much for your support and time, it's for a good cause!

Robert Vlach
founder of |
Are you a freelancer?
Enter yes, if you are self-employed or earning some personal income from the free market (that is by some other means than in a traditional full-time job).

Here’s a detailed explanation with a few examples: The freelance economy is extremely diverse. It includes not only self-employed workers and other solopreneurs, but also contracted suppliers and contractors, freelance business owners, owners of small professional companies, agencies, and startups, freelance artists, writers and other authors, independent doctors, lawyers or investors, gigs arranged through various online platforms, work on-demand combining several smaller jobs or employments, as well as other forms of independent work and entrepreneurship.
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How long have you been freelancing?
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What is the usual formal setup of your freelance work?
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Is freelance work your main source of income?
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