The idea of this questionnaire  is to gather some insights by participants of previous Social Tools conferences and Training Circles in regards to collaborating during lockdown regimes. We will feed your input back to others in the circle. You can answer as brief or extensive as you like, you can digress or you can skip any of the fields. Thank You!

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1. On which infrastructures did you depend on during the last months?
Did you learn new tech-skills in order to collaborate? Did you find creative ways of reusing  or hacking existing platforms and tools?
Your Answer to Question 1:
2. Which "social tools" did you discover for working with others during pandemic?
Did you have to re-invent some of your practices? What new discoveries did you and your group/community/team make? What new social etiquettes emerged?
Your Answer to Question 2:
3. What challenges did you face when working under these circumstances?  What would be your "feature requests" to address those challenges?
4. BONUS  Did you find anything that came up in the Social Tools Conferences useful during the pandemic?
5. BONUS  Which newly discovered books and articles etc. about decentralised & horizontal work you would like to recommend for others?
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