AIC-AARTECH receives job work from all incubators, engineers, doers , students and makers. We help them to prototype their ideas in real life machines / equipment.

Step By Step Procedure For Job Work for AIC Aartech:

Step 1: Please fill up this form in detail,

We would analyze this form and understand the need of product, complexity of the product, and if needed consult with the expert, Make a rough model or generate solutions (If required),
We would communicate the estimate and standard payment terms (Machine / Date / T&C) - within 3 working days.
It is also possible, we would not able to complete the job. We would communicate that as well.

Step 2: We would select solution and design by using a hand sketch, model (if provided by you),
Analysis of sources (availability or outsourcing) . Make costing of Job work (Designing charges, material charges, machine charges, manpower charges + GST)
After your confirmation and 50% advance payment, we would commence and develop the first prototype.

Step 3: After your review of the prototype we would make the high fidelity prototype and would deliver to you after the full payment.

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