Auckland University Rock and Alpine Club (AURAC) 2020 Sign-Up
2020 Membership Sign-Up Form (March 2020 - March 2021)

Please enter your details below and submit to be added to the AURAC 2020 email list. You should receive a confirmation email within 5 days after payment being received, processed and confirmed. You will then receive all our emails containing information on upcoming trips, trip sign ups, and social events.

If you are not receiving any emails from AURAC, please contact the membership officer (Juliet Nelson) at
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If paying by bank transfer please pay to 38-9014-0605781-02 with your 'First and Last Name' and 'MEMBERSHIPS'. If you are paying by cash please email to organise a time and place.
By registering with Auckland University Rock and Alpine Club (AURAC), I acknowledge that climbing is potentially dangerous which could lead to injury or death. I agree to become familiar with the risks and take responsibility for my own safety and that of others climbing with me. I shall adhere and follow all club safety protocol. I understand that AURAC will not be liable for any injury or death while participating in any club activities. If I hire club gear I agree to return the gear on time, to use it carefully and not to lend it on to anyone else without permission of the Gear Officer. Otherwise I agree to be liable for the replacement cost of the gear. If this agreement is broken, the University administration may be notified. AURAC reserves the right to terminate the membership of any club members whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate. I understand that the information in this form may be anonymously collected for University of Auckland statistical purposes. *
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