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In the summer of 1969, a group of young people — LGBTQ street kids, trans folks, gender non-conforming youth, drag queens, and allies — fought back against a police raid of a popular New York City gay bar, The Stonewall Inn. This uprising became the match that ignited the still fragile gay rights movement. In the years since, the LGBTQ community has gathered together near Stonewall in times of celebration, mourning, and protest.

In 2016, Christopher Park and the streets surrounding Stonewall were designated a National Monument. From police riots to park rangers, The Monument explores the celebrated, complicated, and contentious legacy of Stonewall and the ways in which this small corner of New York City has become hallowed ground – and a “town square” – for many LGBTQ folks around the world. This film will be released in June 2019, timed to the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

We are looking for: PHOTOS/FILMS/VIDEOS shot by the LGBTQ community in small groups or in big gatherings from 1969-present:

- in front of the Stonewall Bar
- in Christopher Park
- in Sheridan Square
- in front of the stores that were once the Stonewall Bar
- inside the Stonewall Bar - with the Gay Liberation statues

The producing team is made up Cheryl Furjanic and Will Sweeney (Emmy-nominated filmmakers behind the HBO documentary Back on Board: Greg Louganis), Eric Marcus (Making Gay History podcast), and Desireena Almoradie (In the Life and To Germany, With Love). The film is being directed by Cheryl Furjanic.

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