MNJYSA 5 v 5 Festival Registration
Each sponsoring Club should create one registration for up to 14 players WHO PLAY ON A SPECIFIC FESTIVAL DAY in an age/gender division. A separate registration should be created for each boys' and girls' teams. If a Club has enough players in each age group, these age groups should also be separate teams. A team's roster may have an unlimited number of eligible players in a division, but as long as no more than 14 will show up on game day, you only need register 1 team.

Example 1 - My Club has nine 2012 girls and twelve 2012 boys. You should register a ONE team in both divisions.
Example 2 - My Club has nine 2013 boys, twenty-five 2012 girls (with only up to 14 expected each Festival) and nine 2012 boys. You should register one 2012 boys' team, one 2013 boys' team and one 2012 girls team.
Example 3 - My Club has three 2012 girls, four 2012 boys and one each of 2013 boy and girl. You should register one 2012 co-ed team for all players. This team will likely play against a mix of 2012 and 2013 boys teams unless there is a critical mass of Co-ed teams.

Please supply all requested information.

Please note that this is a new program. We are learning as we roll it out. Keep in mind that the purpose of the program is to include MORE players, not less, by imposing restrictions. The program is designed for MAXIMUM flexibility. Players on any other NJYS roster may be added to a Festival roster, as long as they are age appropriate and properly registered with NJYS.

Questions? Call Sean Manns 908-377-2721 or e-mail at sooner rather than later.

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