Burgundy Review Game Winning Goal Challenge (December Week 1)
Welcome back for a new month of the Burgundy Review Game Winning Goal Challenge!

Here's how to play!

Submit your answers using this form before the puck drop of the first game of the week. Points will be tabulated at the conclusion of Saturday's games. Weekly winners will be announced on the #gwg-challenge channel of the Burgundy Review Discord server.

What do you win? A special tag and choice of your own color for your Discord handle, plus an optional shout-out on our Twitter for being our weekly points leader(s)!

But wait, there's more! The participant(s) from our Discord server who earn the most points during this month's games (from games played December 01 - December 28) may receive special recognition! Want to earn bragging rights over your fellow Avs fans? Don't miss out!

Now, let's have some fun!
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