Momentom Residency Application 2020/21
Momentom familia!

We hope you are all healthy and well.

It’s been quite the ride going through one of the most challenging and uncertain times, as a whole, that our generation has been through. It has provided most of us access to a massive reset button, an opportunity to re-center, ground down and think:

What is my purpose?
Why am I doing what I am doing?
What is my ultimate reality?
Am I living it?

We have been asking the same real questions. We've been having deep discussions and listening to what the flow of the collective consciousness - and in response, we are reconceptualizing the experience to match our prioritizing virtues: connecting community, providing world class creative spaces and bringing in key guest teachers on topics such as embodied movement, permaculture, introspective practices, TED-style talks and plant medicine ceremonies.

If we’ve learnt anything from the last five months (including operating our Maderas Residency as a Community in Quarantine), it’s that overcoming adversity and shifting forward needs to happen both at an individual and communal level - and we love creating community.

While there are still many unknowns to the future state of international travel, we wanted to update our tribe on our plans for the upcoming Momentom Residency season so we can get back to up-leveling mind, body and spirit and exploring different states of consciousness expressed through art.

We have had a ton of inquiries for our Residency plans for Winter 2020 through Spring 2021 and when people can put down their deposit to join. It is great to see so much excitement for people ready (maybe more than ever) to get back amongst like-hearted people to connect, live, train and be part of the global shift forward! While we are also still waiting to hear updates on which countries and festivals will be opening up we want to share our focus for the next season*:
- Safety for all travelers, locals and residents.
- A transparent covid policy for each Residency and country we operate in.
- A deeper dive into permaculture and connection with our food and water source and the creation of a ecological residency.
- A permanent residency.
- Hearing from YOU where you’d like to go and your ideal focus for our Residency season ahead.

We are excited to announce that we are now taking applications and deposits for our next season.

For now, our tentative 2020-2021 residency locations would be:

GUATEMALA | Breath, Spirit & Song Residency
Proposed Dates: 1 month, December 2020 - January 2021
Spend Christmas and New Years with Momentom Collective in a Circus Castle, diving into plant medicine, mayan culture, breathwork, kirtan, co-work room, temazcal and aerials in the Castle of course!

COSTA RICA | Ecological Residency
Proposed Dates: 2 months, January - February 2021
Including all the same introspective practices and movement arts, but with a deep dive into permaculture and green building so you can understand the foundations to build your own home and grow your own food after.

NICARAGUA | Sound Production and Sacred Mask Work Residency
Proposed Dates: Ideal time frame 2 months, March - April 2021
For music producers, musicians, content creators and surfers. We focus on sound production and content creation with clown and mask workshops to help you to create your persona / identity as an artist and explore different facets of self-expression. Workshops in mask expression and Abelton Live, for artists who want to record their music, with content producers, videographers and photographers. This is also a surfer’s paradise.

INDONESIA | Intensive Aerials & Mermaid Residency
Proposed Dates: TBA
A playground for Digital Nomads who are interested in yoga, aerials, calisthenics, acrobatics, surf, and tantra.

If you are interested in attending, we are accepting applications with security deposits of USD $250 to hold your spot. We will be capping residencies at 25 residents per month. If you are interested in attending, pick your favourite location, along with your ideal time and length of stay you’d like to attend and a deposit of $250. Your spot will be saved. What you get:

Securing your spot for any one of our Residencies for the 2020/2021 season.
Have your input help shape our future season and co-create our collective reality.
Option for full refund or transfer of deposit once location and pricing has been confirmed
*based on international travel and safety of opening up the Residency
Peace of mind knowing that you’ll be back amongst your Tribe soon!

By completing this application, you acknowledged that you have until Nov 1st 2020 for full refund of this deposit and it is your responsibility to choose the residency location of your choice. First come, first serve.

We have proven together that dreams are true and that we are living and creating them endlessly in all moments.

Can't wait to enter the next dream with you!


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