Frictional Fan Jam: Winter Modding Event (2019)
This form is for submitting your Frictional Fan Jam: Winter Modding Event, running from 11th December 2019 until 26th of January 2020. Please find information about the event here:

If you made the mod in a team, have one person submit the mod, and provide the names of other members.

GDPR notice:

- The information you provide in this questionnaire will only be available to the Frictional Games team.
- The information you provide is stored in a secure location and will be deleted in 5 years. You may ask for your information to be removed at any point before that.
- We will not contact you for any purposes unrelated to the Frictional Fan Jam.

For any questions about this form, please contact
Name / team name *
This can be your real name or for example Discord handle. For teams, add team name.
Primary contact email *
Please provide an email we can reach you at.
Link to your mod *
Please provide a link to your mod on platforms such as Steam Workshop, ModDB or Nexus.
Team participants
If you worked in a team, please provide names of the team's members.
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