Counselor feedback/comments for regionals
For any school based or independent counselor who has feedback, comments or inquiries for regionally-based counselors
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Have you worked with one of the 24 Regional Affiliate Groups in your area?
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Which Affiliate Regional Group have you worked with?
In what capacity have you worked with a Regional Group?  Special programs, essay review, presentations etc.
Which Regional Affiliate Group have you work with?
Have you worked with regional counselors in your area not through the Regional Affiliate Group?
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In what capacity have you worked with regionals?  Special programs, essay review, presentations etc.
Where is your school/organization located?
If there are no known regionals in your area, do you think it might be a good place for colleges and universities to establish a regional presence?
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Have regional counselors or regional groups had a positive impact on assisting you in your work?
Not much help, haven't worked with regionals
Very helpful in my organizations work
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To what degree do you feel regionally-based admission counselor have an impact on the searches you college bound students conduct.
Little impact in the colleges students search
Greatly influence the colleges students search
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Comments on regionally based admission counselor or groups
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