STUNT Webinar Survey
The NJCDCA greatly appreciates your participation in the Webinar. We would like to encourage you to give us your feedback in regards to STUNT in New Jersey.

To view the webinar, please access the recording of the LIVE telecast on our Official NJCDCA YouTube Channel:

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STUNT Webinar
STUNT Feedback
Please answer the following questions regarding the webinar on STUNT and the information presented.
Do you think STUNT should be offered in the state of NJ? *
Would you be interested in being a demo team to illustrate how stunt is done? *
Is Stunt something that you would be interested in doing with your team? *
Would you be interested in the stunt outfits? *
What time of the season would this be appropriate? *
Do you believe your Athletic Director & School Administration would be supportive of your team's participation in STUNT? *
Please provide your Athletic Director's name and e-mail address here: *
Webinar Feedback
The questions below will help us to gain your feedback on the Webinar itself. We are looking into hosting more webinars in the future and your input will be a great asset in planning.
Did you find Jim Lord’s presentation helpful and informational? *
Was the presentation relevant and useful to your coaching plan? *
Overall, did you like the ZOOM technology for the NJCDCA having webinars? *
What other topics would you like to have as webinars? *
NJCDCA Board Participation
The NJCDCA is always looking to recruit passionate coaches to work on the board. We have a number of events during the course of the year and would be very excited to have the opportunity to include more coaches. Please complete the following questions if interested in getting involved with the board.
Would you be interested in serving on the NJCDCA Board? *
Which areas would you be most interested in assisting? *
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