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Thank you so much for signing up to be a beta tester. Your feedback can be as concise or elaborate as you wish. All required testing questions are multiple-choice!

We founded Guardial to tackle women safety and empower all people to have another option besides just walking faster and hoping their instincts are false. Whether you're walking on the streets or getting into an Uber, we aim to provide an active deterrent instead of a reactive one. It's our mission to help you better protect yourself. We are working hard to keep our app free and accesible to all. To help support our cause, please do stay in the loop and spread the word to people who may be interested.

If there's more we can do, or you have any questions, please contact us — we'd love to hear from you!

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Ambassadors are our immediate community that helps us make decisions regarding the app's design, how it functions, etc. Learn more about Guardial and receive a behind-the-scenes view of everything. To become an ambassador, say "Yes" below, submit this feedback form, and wait for an email from us!

1. Monthly surveys and/or calls with founders about the app to discuss new features and designs
2. Share Guardial with your friends and family
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Please open the app and play around with it on your own before answering the following questions. It is recommended that you look at our tutorial on our Beta page of the website prior to filling this form.
How would you rate the content of the audio voice recording? *
Not too helpful
Very convincing deterrent
Does the audio voice recording sound realistic enough to deceive onlookers? *
How well are you able to interact with the audio recording (think of pacing, long or short enough pauses for you to speak on the spot, etc.)? *
Not well, it was very awkward
Well, it was very smooth
Provide any additional feedback for the call audio
On a scale of 1 to 5, how important are different audio options tailored to specific situations? (i.e. one for Uber/Lyft, one for walking alone down street, one for general use, etc.) *
Not important
Very important
How many contacts would you ideally put down? Contacts are people who you trust with sharing your location, and the status of your safety. *
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