Cultural Access Offerings in Chicago
Please fill out the below form to have your cultural organization's accessible event added to the Access Calendar. If you are a Theater, your information will also be added to the League of Chicago Theatres access calendar by using this form. Got questions or comments about the calendar? Email us at
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Your organization's access email (if you have one)
Name of contact person for access programs if it is not you
Email for contact person for access programs if it is not you
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Example: Your Play name at Your Theatre name, or Name of Speaker at Name of your organization
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If you have identical entries providing the single same type of access on multiple dates, please e-mail:
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Please make sure End Time is accurate as many Paratransit users will use end time to schedule their pickup times
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Name and Address where event will take place (if not at your theater or venue)
Type of access at this event
How to purchase tickets: Please include telephone number, and email
Examples - phone: (312) 123-4567, access e-mail:
Access ticket information
How to purchase, name and cost of access ticket, any codes people should use, who access price is for, any other info
Website for event (for specific show, performance, exhibit, etc)
Website link where access info can be found on your website
Event description: This information will be copied and pasted onto the calendar, so please proofread and spellcheck before posting.
Please include in event description the following in this order: 1) Type of access provided 2) Paragraph describing event 3) how to purchase tickets by phone and email 4) cost of access tickets 4) any additional information about access (such as Touch tour starts at 1:00pm)., and 5) website for this event.
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