Pure Ink Poetry Slam : World Wide
This is a 2 round slam where your poems will be judged by 5 random members of the audience in the zoom call primarily on your content, but also on your performance. Each poet will have a 4-minute time limit for each poem. We will drop from 12 poets to 8 poets in round 2.

Important!!! This month we celebrate both Black history, but it is also the month that we celebrate love. You can perform a poem about what blackness means to you, your life, and even black history. Our second theme is about love, you can write a love poem, a what I hate about love poem, Self love poem, unrequited love poem, etc. You don't have to cover both topics, you can choose one or combine them if you're really feeling it. Let's see what happens.

First place $25, Second place $15, Third place $10
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