2019 Santa Monica Pub Crawl Volunteer Request Form

Congratulations! You found your way to the form to request a volunteer shift for the Santa Monica Pub Crawl on Saturday, December 14, 2019. It's going to be a super fun event and we really appreciate your help. We need ALL volunteers to fill out this form themselves so we know you are really committed. If you have friends that may be interested in volunteering, please make sure they also fill out this form and note if you'd all like to work together. We will do our best to accommodate you.

As a volunteer, you must be 21yrs or older and will be responsible for helping with the following duties:
-Checking In Pub Crawlers
-Distributing wristbands
-Handing out route information
-Selling Santa hats
-Collecting donations for Westside Food Bank

Volunteer shifts are from 4pm-9:30pm EXCEPT for the After Party shift which is 9:00pm-12:30am. Volunteer shifts will have a team captain from Westside Food Bank or Spin PR who will be able to answer any questions that may arise.

Flexibility with your starting location would be much appreciated, and we really need a few folks willing to work the late shift at the After Party.

We encourage our volunteers to wear their best holiday themed outfits at their starting location! As a token of our appreciation, all volunteers will be provided with wristbands to participate in the crawl at the end of their shifts. To learn more about the Santa Monica Pub Crawl and see photos from past years, please visit: santamonicapubcrawl.com
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Volunteers have a great time!
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What starting location(s) would you prefer to work? *
You may select more than one. (Please note, all volunteer shifts are from 3:45pm-9:30pm, EXCEPT for the After Party Shift at 1212 Restaurant which is from 9pm-12:30am)
Are you trying to work with a group of friends? If so, what are their names and email addresses?
We will do our best to group your shift with your friends, but remember: ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM. So be sure to forward the link to this form to your friends and that they choose the same shift as you.
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Are you available to help hand out pre-sale wristbands on the Thursday and/or Friday afternoons before the Pub Crawl? Please select all days and times you are available.
Are you available for the Volunteer Orientation on Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019 from 6:30-8:30pm at The Dudes' Brewing Co (395 Santa Monica Pl #304)? Food and drink will be provided. *
Comments, Questions?
Please Note: All questions concerning what you will be doing as a volunteer will be addressed at the orientation and when you arrive for your shift.
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