EOI EPHEA Conference Host 2021
EPHEA is an incorporated association which supports the work of equity practitioners across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. EPHEA offers a bi-ennial conference to its members with to enhance best practice and research and provide professional development to members.

We are seeking a host for the 2021 EPHEA Conference and we encourage you to talk to your organisation about this unique opportunity to put the spotlight on equity within your university and community. This conference is a great opportunity to showcase the latest best practice in equity from around Australia, New Zealand and the world.

Key responsibilities of the host organisation are to:
- deliver a conference which can adequately support EPHEA members' interests as well as other associated networks who may be interested in attending
- provide a conference program with content along a wide range of staff and student equity issues and topics relevant to members and ample opportunities for networking
- provide an event which is reasonable in costs providing for member discounts, flexible attendance and consideration of transport and accommodation options which are reasonably priced.
- ensure the event is inclusive and accessible to all participants.

EPHEA will provide support by way of expertise of its Executive Committee and seed funding. Seed funding and profits are returned to EPHEA to support future conferences.

If you would like to host the next EPHEA conference please complete the information below by 30 September 2019. Please contact EPHEA to discuss this opportunity by emailing info@ephea.org

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