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Hi. Did you lose BTC at Are you upset that your missing BTC are totally gone? Think it's likely that these BTC are already spent on $1500 bottles of Vodka and prostitutes at Moscow's finest nightlife establishments? Would rather that the Berlin wall had stayed up after all? Me too. However, it's really important that - unless you have very good evidence - that nobody make wild accusations about fraud or internal theft or anything like that.

If you make unfair accusations against, you will open yourself up to a lawsuit from for libel. (At least that's how it would work in the USA.) And it's just not fair or ethical to accuse anyone of something for which you have no evidence.

I do however think it's reasonable, fair, and legal for the affected individuals to get together and try to negotiate as a group for some kind of compensation. Maybe we'll get something back in the end. Sign up here. If enough people sign up, we can get together and hire a lawyer in Denmark to make an attempt to recover some of what we've lost.

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