LIFE READINESS: Embrace Your Opportunity
Life Readiness is designed for high school juniors, seniors, and college-age young adults. It features skills that are transferable to the workplace, job site, college dorm, or Greek system. Regardless of what path you plan to take for your next chapter, these skills will help you get there! Whether prepping to get that first job or heading off to college, there are a few critical skills that will set you up for success!

We have two options: an IN-PERSON RETREAT (for those in Placer County, CA) and a VIRTUAL 5-PART SERIES (for those living anywhere). Content is the same. Times & dates are below. Participants can expect to learn:
o How to set goals and venture out of that comfort zone
o How to make a bold first impression
o How to be so prepared for an interview that you know you’ll nail it even before you go
o How to network and connect with fellow employees, new roommates, and people in general
o How to ensure your social media footprint doesn’t interfere with your future goals
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