Animal A.I.D. of MS Adoption Application
Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our rescue pets!

Please fill out the following application and one of our volunteers will reach out if your application is approved to discuss the adoption process. The adoption will not be final until the adoption contract is discussed and signed. We adopt out locally and to many neighboring and northeastern states. Transportation can be arranged upon completion of adoption agreement. Email with any questions.
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Name of dog you would like to adopt *
Your name *
Phone Number *
Email *
Age Range *
Home Address (Street, City, State, Zip) *
Work Name and Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
Do you have any other pets in your home? If yes, please give name, species, age and breed. *
List names of pets not listed above that are no longer in your home (within the past 5 years) and their status. (i.e deceased, re-homed, other)
List the names and ages of all people in household. *
Have you ever had to re-home an animal or bring an animal to a shelter? If so, why? *
If you have a dog, is he/she up to date on vaccines and heartworm prevention? *
If you have a dog, is he/she spayed or neutered? If not, why not?
Please provide your veterinarian information for all pets over the last five years. (Name, city, and phone number.) *
Please list the names and phone numbers of two people who can be references for you as a caring pet owner. We may call or text them, especially if you do not have a vet office you've used recently or are currently using. *
Do you own or rent your residence? *
If you rent, what is your landlord's pet policy?
Where will the dog sleep? (select all that apply) *
Will this dog be an inside pet or outside pet? *
Why do you want to adopt this dog? (select all that apply) *
What characteristics do you hope to find in a dog you want to adopt? *
Where will the dog be kept while you are not home during the day? *
Do you plan to crate your dog? If so, describe your use of a crate, if any. *
How many hours per day would the dog be alone? If you work outside the home, describe your typical work hours. *
What is your exercise plan for the dog? *
Do you have a fence? If yes, please describe. (i.e. 4' chain link, 6' wooden) *
Where will the dog be kept while you are out of town? *
Are you willing to take responsibility of this dog for the lifetime of this dog? (10-15 years in some cases) *
What provisions will you make for the dog should you become unable to care for him/her? *

Dogs can take a month or longer to adjust to a new home, particularly if other pets are involved. Are you willing to devote this much time to make the dog comfortable in your home?

What behaviors can you tolerate... and work on? (select all that apply) *
If the dog you are applying for gets adopted by someone else, are you interested in speaking with our team about other dogs we have available for adoption? 
What size dog are you interested in?
What age would your ideal pet be?
What are your grooming preferences?
My ideal dog will
Would any of the following life events result in you having to rehome your dog?
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
How did you hear about us?
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**In addition to completing this application, please email your current vaccination records to**
(If your beloved pet passed away and you still have their latest vaccination records, please email those to
Type "I agree" if you agree to the following:

I certify that the above information is true. I understand that giving false information on this application is grounds for denying my application and voiding any adoption contract.
Type "I agree" if you agree to the following:

By submitting this form, I understand that completing and submitting this application does not guarantee the availability of an animal for adoption, nor does it guarantee that my application will be approved. 

I understand that my application will be kept on file until I notify Animal A.I.D. of Mississippi that I am no longer interested in a rescue pet.

understand that a best-efforts attempt has been made to adequately and completely describe the dog’s personality and temperament but environmental factors can and do affect behavior, which is why Animal A.I.D. of Mississippi has a thorough screening process to gain knowledge of the potential new environment the dog will be living in.
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