Marriage Survey
I'm gathering data that will be used in my brand new relationship book! Your input is so valuable!!!! Your answers will be TOTALLY ANONYMOUS (even to me) but will really help me as I tackle these hard subjects that aren't often discussed. I can't thank you enough!!

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***You must be CURRENTLY MARRIED to take this survey***

How many arguments (big or small) do you find yourself having with your spouse per WEEK?
When conflict comes up, how do you TYPICALLY deal with it?
How many MINUTES do you engage in positive, meaningful conversation with your spouse per WEEK?
Which of the following topics has been the biggest reality check in your relationship? (Meaning: harder to navigate than you thought it would be)
What of the following has been the hardest thing to deal with regarding your sexual relationship in marriage?
Have you EVER felt a lack of physical attraction to your spouse?
How frequently do you have sex in your marriage?
Which of the following topics do you discuss the LEAST in your marriage:
How do you spend your free time in marriage?
What is your greatest insecurity in marriage (whether founded or unfounded)?
What is the greatest hardship you have faced (or are currently facing) in marriage:
Have you been married more than once?
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