Application for Kaan Pete Roi Helpline Volunteer Position
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- One 3-hour helpline shift a week.
- For a minimum of one year
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You can also choose to join us as operations or outreach volunteers if you feel you are good fit for these positions:
Operations volunteers assist the Management at Kaan Pete Roi to organize and maintain the day today functioning of Kaan Pete Roi. This may start with some simple data entry type assignments, but with experience and proven competence may lead to helping us design and execute strategic action plans.
Are you interested in the Kaan Pete Roi Operations Volunteer position?
Outreach volunteers will work with the Outreach Coordinator to raise awareness about mental health issues. This may include a lot of different activities like organizing programs, helping us spread the word using Social Media and come up with innovative ideas on how we can get the word out.
Are you interested in the Kaan Pete Roi Outreach Volunteer position?
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Section 2: Volunteer Questions
Why are you interested in volunteering at Kaan Pete Roi? *
Do you feel able to interact with individuals who are suicidal, in emotional distress, or suffering from mental illness? Why do you think so? *
Do you feel able to listen to, think about, and respectfully discuss opinions that you do not necessarily agree with? This may include, for example, differing opinions on religion, politics, relationships, society, family, gender, education, etc. *
How do you deal with stressful situations in your life? *
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