The Athletic Way Transformation FastTrack™ Questionnaire
CONGRATULATIONS! The Greatest Health, Fitness and Performance Gift Ever is on the way. It should arrive in your email within 5-10 minutes. This Transformation FastTrack™ Personalized Prescription is the essential first step of your gift. So be sure to complete and submit it right now!

It's just a handful of quick and easy questions...that help us to help you transform your body fast, by providing a personalized prescription just for you.

Complete this short questionnaire, then on the next page you can schedule a time to review your results with us so we can provide your personalized fitness and nutrition prescription (which will help you tremendously, even if you decide not to become a The Athletic Way member).
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What is your fitness/weight loss goal?
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Do you currently exercise?
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What is your age range?
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Do you have a specific event sometime in the next 12 months you want to get ready and look great for?
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Which of these statements is true?
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If one of your goals is weight loss, how many pounds would you like to lose?
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What is the most recent thing you've tried to improve your health and fitness?
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With the understanding that the more frequently you exercise, the faster you can get results...over the next month, how many days per week can you exercise for at least 30 minutes?
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What do you want to get out of beginning a new, and far more effective, body transformation program?
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When it comes to exercise, what have you done that you like or was effective, and what have you done that you dislike or wasn't effective?
What do you feel is the biggest thing standing in your way of becoming the best version of you? What has been your "achilles heel" when it comes to having the body and health you most want to have?
On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate your desire and determination (i.e. commitment) to having the body and health you want to have...even if you've struggled in the past?
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TOTAL Commitment
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If your commitment level is not a 5...why not? What's holding you back?
Do you have any specific concerns or limitations we should know about when prescribing a fitness solution for you?
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