Typography/Typesetting Form by Qamber Kids
Welcome to QK's Typography Form! If you have any questions, let me know.

Please be reminded of the following:

- Contact us after filling up the form and for prices.
- If we exceed the limited amount of changes in the package, you will be automatically upgraded to the next advanced package.
- If you have the stock images already on hand from an illustrator, send us an email with it to najla.qamber@gmail.com


Which cover package would you like? *
Details of each package can be found here: http://qamberkids.com/packages/
Name or Pen Name *
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So I can invoice you.
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Deadline of the Project
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Book Title: *
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Target Audience *
Infants, Middle Grade, etc
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Genre: *
Please include sub genre
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Synopsis/Summary/Brief About the Book: *
So I know what type of fonts I need to pick out / or to put this on the paperback design
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Do you have a tagline for the book you'd like to add to the cover? If so, what is it? *
This is not a series title, etc.
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Is this book a series? If so, would you like the series title on the cover? How would you like it to be written? *
The usuals are: 'A Series Name Novel' or 'Series Name, Book One'
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Your Ideas for the type set up: *
For example: I want a big bulking font in red. I'd like a handwritten font in pink.
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Any font in particular?
If you don't have any fonts in particular, let me know what fonts you dislike.
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Other elements/extra details you'd like to include onto the overall cover design?
For example: More texture to the overall design. A pink glow around the text, etc.
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Page count of the book (Only for packages that include the full wrap)
This is to generate the spine of the cover. It's okay if you don't have this yet. We can do it later on.
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Dimensions of the Book (Only for packages that include the full wrap)
For example: 5x8, 6x9, etc - You can give this to me later on if you don't have the info.
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