Roughwood Seed Collection Grower Application
The Roughwood Seed Collection (Archive) now comprises about 4,500 varieties of heirloom food plants, was begun informally in 1932 by William Woys Weaver’s grandfather H. Ralph Weaver (1896-1956). During the Great Depression, when food was scarce for many households, he set out to feed his family from a one-acre plot in West Chester, Pennsylvania. William moved the seed collection to Devon, Pennsylvania in 1979 and having no official name, he dubbed it the “Roughwood Seed Collection” after the Victorian name of the old house in which he now lived in. Roughwood is about seed to table, preserving these extremely rare, and often Roughwood exclusive varieties for culinary value to teach others how to cook these beautiful vegetables as well as allow them to learn some history and seed saving all along the way.

We are in need of growers to help grow out larger and smaller amounts of Roughwood seeds. Your help is greatly appreciated it! You will be contacted soon after your application is submitted. It is a busy time for us so please be patient. Grower agreements will be sent out as soon as the variety or varieties you are growing are chosen and the draft agreement is completed.
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