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Each of these socks were created by one of our Camp Vogel kids. The top three will be produced and available for purchase during the holidays as a fundraiser for Vogel Alcove by DeadSoxy. Please vote for your top three!

The socks featured here were narrowed down from more than 30 sock designs provided by our Camp Vogel Kids. The kids who attend Camp Vogel are all ages 5-12 and are either alumni of Vogel Alcove or siblings of children currently enrolled.

We asked them to take part in this design contest and the five socks selected for the final contest are featured below. The stories included are all directly from the kids themselves. Enjoy!
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1. "Puzzle" by Sally [age 11]
Puzzle with Quote Sock: “My mom and I have been through a lot of hard times, but when we came to Vogel Alcove and we got our own apartment, things got much better. Being back with my Mom was my missing puzzle piece.” (Written on the sock: Life is like a puzzle, there's always a missing piece that makes your life better. :) )
2. "Music" by Julius [age 12]
Music Symbols Sock: “I just really love music!! That’s all!!” (laughing hysterically)
3. "Superhero" - by AnaLaura [age 12]
Superhero Sock: “This is a kid superhero, who is actually standing on the ground. But, in his mind, he’s flying in the clouds. Superheroes don’t have to have special powers, they just have to help people. Like people who save a cat, or people who are policemen, or just being kind to others.”
4. "Fox and Sprinkles" by Janessa [age 7]
Fox Sock - “I wanted to be creative and make sprinkles rain from the sky, and I like it because the fox’s name is Sprinkles. Real life is cool, but kind of boring. On my sock there’s a world where it rains sprinkles. Sprinkles go on cupcakes and cakes, and sprinkles are a treat. I wanted my sock to be a treat.”
5. "Vogel Alcove" by Reminton [age 10]
Vogel Alcove logo sock: “I wanted to represent this school. I love Vogel Alcove. Vogel Alcove gives me snacks, clothes, school supplies, and I get to play with other kids. I love the classrooms, splash days, and swimming. I also like that we go on field trips, and I like our teachers and counselors because they care about our feelings.”
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