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Facebook and our Meet on Monroe Newsletter are our primary platforms for sharing and promoting North Monroe events, and we highly encourage individual businesses and groups to originate events from their own social media pages and then share them here for additional promotion. As visitors see the variety of events and promotions taking place on North Monroe, they will get a fuller sense of what the district has to offer.

Submissions from this form will help populate the events calendar on our Facebook page, as well as populate the event calendar on

Please note that Member Businesses of the North Monroe Business District will be given prioritized promotion. We will do our best to include other events as well as it strengthens our neighborhood and community.

Thank you for your submission!
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If you have already created an event on Facebook, please simply share the link to your event below. If you don't have a Facebook event and would like to have your event added to the Events Calendar, please e-mail the NMBD Board of Directors at and we'll do our best to support you.
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