Limmud Van 2020 Presenter Submission Form
Limmud holds dear the value that everyone teaches, everyone learns. Thank you for your interest in teaching as well as learning. To propose a session for Limmud Vancouver 2020 please complete the form below. As a caution, please keep your bio and presentation proposal in a separate document, as you may lose the content of this form if you go back or pause while you are filling it out.

Deadline for submissions is September 27, 2019. Everyone is encouraged to apply, however priority will be given to local presenters and to those who have not taught previously at Limmud Vancouver. You can propose up to 2 session ideas. All sessions are 60 minutes.

(Please note, all presenters are expected to be Limmud participants as well, paying for their registration and attending sessions of others. Teach and learn. There are no honorariums given.)

After you submit your proposal, you will receive an email acknowledging it within one week. If you don't, then please contact us (, we look forward to learning from and with you!

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I understand that Limmud does not pay an honorarium of any kind to its presenters. I further understand that all presenters (like all volunteers) must register for LimmudVan. I understand that, at those times when I am not presenting, I am welcome to attend the other sessions offered, to eat the kosher meals provided and to participate fully in the LimmudVan events. Limmud Vancouver MAY help with arranging or financing transportation or accommodation, but this must be explicitly arranged on a case-by-case basis. All sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes. In order to allow for introductions and movement of attendees, I will plan my portion to last 50 minutes including any Q&A at the end. I will be in the session area five minutes before my session begins, or ten minutes before if I need to arrange anything with the A/V or technical assistant. I have read the Limmud Statement of Core Values and Principles ( and will manifest those values in my presentation.
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