URRKN Transport Request
Thank you again for applying for a URRKN Transport. It is our goal to take the barrier of distance out of the adoption process. To save them one sweet kitty at a time. You must supply us with a completed Adopters Agreement with the submission of this request. This application will NOT be considered without one. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dF9Wdmh3ZzdkZ2I2NlVsUG1URDZlMmc6MQ
One kitty per submission please. This form MUST be completed for each kitty, even if they are going on the same transport. Due to the high volume of requests we reserve the right to deny any transport request with or without cause. By applying for a URRKN Transport both adopter and owner agree to allow our URRKN Screening team to inquire with their listed veterinarian concerning the health of the traveling kitties and as a reference. Please note that pertinent information may be shared with interested parties such as Adopter, Foster, Rescue/Shelter, Veterinarian and URRKN affiliates.
Please be expecting a call from 888-508-7756 or 888-50-URRKN this will be one of URRKN’s Transport Team Members. To reach us by email please send it to Transports@urrkn.com, thank you.
*****Electronic Signatures. This agreement, agreements ancillary to this agreement, and related documents entered into in connection with this agreement are signed when a party’s signature is delivered by facsimile, email, or other electronic medium including submission. These signatures must be treated in all respects as having the same force and effect as original signatures.
**Please note that all requested information MUST be provided in order for your request to be processed. Incomplete submissions will be placed on hold until all requested information has been received.

Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network URRKN
Saving the world one sweet kitty at a time.
What is the Kitty's Name & Age? *
Request submitted by? *
Please include if you are the Owner/Foster or Adopter
Has the kitty been tested for FIV & FeLV? If so what are the results? *
Positive test results does NOT disqualify a kitty for transport. (All Conductors need to be informed beforehand for proper handling)
Is the kitty: Healthy? *
(Kitty(s) have to be cleared to travel medically before Transport date can be set)
Is the kitty: Spayed or Neutered? *
(Must be altered before transport date can be set)
Is the kitty: Current on Vaccinations? *
(To be completed before transport date can be set)
Adopters: Full Name *
Adopters: Full Home Address *
Please include City, State & Zip Code
Adopters: Best contact phone number *
Adopters: Facebook URL *
Go to the adopters Facebook page, place your pointer in the web address bar, copy & paste that address below.
Adopters: email address *
Adopters: Veterinarian's name *
Adopters: Veterinarian's phone number *
Reminder: We will check vet references. By providing this information, which is required for consideration for transport, you authorize us to contact the vet and you authorize the vet to talk to us when we do call.
Adopters: County of Residence *
Owners Full Name & Phone Number *
Name of the person Fostering this kitty. *
City & State of the person Fostering this kitty. *
Best Contact Phone Number for the person Fostering this kitty. *
Facebook URL for the person Fostering this kitty. *
Go to the adopters Facebook page, place your pointer in the web address bar, copy & paste that address below.
Email address for the person Fostering this kitty. *
Is this adoption approved? *
An adoption MUST BE APPROVED by the rescue or person that has legal authority of the cat (sender) and will be confirmed before a transport request will be considered. When the sender is a recognized rescue, URRKN will contact them. When sender is an individual, URRKN will contact the sender and the adopter's veterinarian for reference. For the person who wants to adopt a cat if they can find transport, the process is the SAME. Before ANY attempts to find transport will be made, an adoption MUST BE APPROVED. Adoption attempts don’t always work out, and URRKN members’ generosity of time, energy and emotion are valuable resources. Please don’t waste them.
Have you completed an Adopters Agreement? (This is the same form from the top of the page) *
Does kitty(s) have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection before transport date? *
Required by many states for travel, we will NOT waive this requirement. Please do not ask.
Adopter: Do you Rent or Own? *
If you Rent please give your landlords Name & phone number. We will be calling asking about pet policies and if this new family member is an approved addition to your home.
Name and phone number for the senders Veterinarian who has worked with this kitty. *
We will be asking about general health, shots, spay/neuter and if the kitty is healthy enough to travel.
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