AYCS Listening Campaign 2018
As a part of our new re-visioned movement, Australian Young Christian Students (AYCS) has launched their first listening campaign in order to create our next national theme. One step to achieving this is through this survey. Anyone can get involved, you don't even have be in YCS!! Help us make the best impact possible to the lives of students all over Australia and remember, never underestimate the power of the students!

Help us reach our target of 1000 responses!

DISCLAIMER: The answers you provide in this survey will be anonymously used by the YCS movement.

Terminology used in survey
Diocese - A religious suburb
Action - Getting out and doing something practical to make change
Review Group - A group that comes together, talks about an issue they choose, followed by an action targeting the issue all through the SEE, JUDGE, ACT methodology.

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5. How do you spend your time outside of school? *
6. What issues do you most want to see changed for the better? *
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7. Share a story of a time in which you have felt frustrated by an injustice that you saw / experienced *
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8. If there was a youth-run group acting upon these issues, how likely would you be to get involved? *
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9. In my opinion, religion is... (e.g. relevant to the lives of young people, is a trustworthy organisation, etc.) *
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10. Prior to this survey, what did you know about YCS? *
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