Multiple Intelligences Checklist for Students
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What is something that you know about more than anything else? (What are you an expert on?)
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How did you become an expert on this topic?
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Why did you choose this topic?
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There are no right or wrong answers. Please check the items you believe most accurately describe you.
I like reading books and stories.
I like working with others
I like to draw.
I like dancing and/or sports.
I like numbers, counting, and math.
I like making music.
I have a collection of things that are special to me.
I like putting together puzzles.
I like to solve problems.
I like making decisions for myself.
I like pretending or acting things out.
I remember songs.
I like to do art projects and make things.
I like to help people.
I would rather work with other people than work on my own.
I will work on a puzzle or problem until I figure it out.
I like to build things with blocks or Legos.
I like to write or tell stories.
I can play a musical instrument.
I like to be the leader.
I am not afraid to tell people what I think.
I like riddles, rhymes and poems.
I like to figure out how things work.
I want to hear the ideas of other people.
I am concerned about the feelings of other people.
I like doing math puzzles or brain teasers.
I like doing science experiments.
I like to think carefully about something before I do it.
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