Split - Feedback Form
Thank's for playing!
How long did you play Split for?
What were your initial impressions of the game?
Were the controls easy to learn?
Is there anything about the controls you would change?
Were the mechanics easy to learn?
How well do you feel mechanics were taught as you progressed through the levels?
Was it easy to identify what you could interact with?
What did you like/not like about interactable puzzle elements?
Where the buttons and their functions easily distinguishable?
How would you change buttons to make them more recognisable
Did you like the games aesthetic?
Could you note any level you felt didn't fit within the game's visual style?
How did you find level progression?
Which puzzle did you least enjoy and why?
Which puzzle did you enjoy the most and why?
How often did you need to restart because of a bug?
ie. a bridge not working or a falling cube getting stuck; not due to making a mistake while solving a puzzle.
Could you please note any bugs/issues you found and on which level?
If you played Split using headphones, did feel as though the games music/sound effects added to a more enjoyable experience?
Were there any issues you had with the games music/sound effects?
On average how long did it take to complete a level?
Did restarting the level speed up your progression?
Was there a sense of accomplishment after completing a level?
How could the game offer better ambient rewards for completing a level with 100% of your cubes?
What was your final impression of the game?
Any other suggestions that could improve your experience playing Split?
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