Certified Production Technician® Program Application
Please complete the application below. For questions, contact Cari Latimer at successcoach@hotgoodwill.org
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If enrolled in the program, are you willing to complete the required online coursework weekly? *
12 hours self-paced online CPT coursework each week, and 4 hours live online, instructor-led classroom instructions each week.
Do you have reliable internet and a computer for the weekly online training requirements? *
What is your availability for the online instructor-led training each week? MARK EACH BOX for the days and times YOU ARE AVAILABLE EACH DAY.
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A past conviction does not automatically disqualify you from participation.
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By electronically signing this application, I am certifying that all the information given above is true and complete. I understand in the event of program acceptance any false or misleading information could result in discharge from the program. ***Please type your name below as an electronic signature.*** *
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