Pinedale Movie Theater Survey
Please take a moment to give us your opinion on the following questions regarding a movie theater in Pinedale. You will be entered into a drawing for prizes from Lakeside Lodge and the Cowboy Shop. Your email address will not be used for any other reason without your permission.
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What is the average theater ticket price you pay?
How greatly does the price of seeing a movie in theaters affect your decision to attend? (5 being the greatest/1 being the least)
How important is seeing a movie on its National release date?
How much do you value the experience of seeing a movie in theaters over watching it at home? (5 being the greatest/1 being the least)
What type of movies do you usually go see? Check all that apply.
What encourages you to go to the movies? Check all that apply.
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Do you buy food at the movie theater?
If yes, how much do you spend per person? (if No, leave blank)
What type of refreshments/snacks to you normally get when you go to the theater? Check all that apply.
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