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The Center for Family Involvement is recruiting culturally and linguistically diverse parents and/or primary caregivers to volunteer as Family Navigators. Family Navigators are parents and/or primary caregivers who are currently supporting (or have supported) a family member with a developmental disability or special health care need. If you meet that primary qualification and are interested in serving as a Family Navigator, please complete the following application. If you do not have your 2 reference letters at the time of application submission, please email or fax them to Nickie Brandenburger at or (804) 827-0107
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All of us have busy lives. When a family calls for help, CFI strives to match them with a Family Navigator who makes an initial contact within 24 hours, will there be any difficulty in meeting this expectation. *
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Summarize your experiences supporting people with disabilities and their family members. This can include an extended family member, neighbor, or someone you met at a doctor's office. *
There is an initial 8-10 hour skill building training and a series of self-pace instruction for Family Navigators, are you able to commit to participating and completing the training? *
How flexible is your schedule for participating in on-going training that might take place in person or over the internet? *
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