GTS Youth Back To School Bash! Thursday, Aug 19th @ 6pm
To Kick off our new School year at GTS Youth we are going to have a BASH, and have a smashing good time while doing it! On Aug 19th at 6pm:

This is the time to let out any of your negative energy from last year, we will be bashing and smashing some old produce. Please bring some of your gross produce such as Squishy tomatoes, misshapen watermelon, or funky pumpkins, etc. We will also have a few items of our own to smash and bash! After we let out all those frustrations that we are trying to overcome last year, we will have some games, time to hangout, eat some delicious snacks, and watch either the Thor or Hulk Movies to go along with our Hulking good times. This is a potluck event so please bring a side or a main dish to share. We are supporting our youth to bring new youth that night so count on 30+ for the snacks that we bring to share. We will need some help by 5-5:15 with help setting up for this event! If you also can bring some old, misshapen produce for our youth to smash and bash over signs that will help create with things that will overcome, feelings that want to be done with, or negative thoughts from last year to smash and bash and to help move on and look forward to a bright and better new school year.
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GTS Youth Back To School Bash! Flyer
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