Lab Exemption Request - First Year Chemistry
This form is to be used to apply for practical exemptions for Semester 2 CHEM1 units. To be eligible for an exemption from the practical course, students need to have completed the course within the last five semesters.

If you have completed a similar course at another university you will need to email a copy of your transcript and the unit outline to: Any questions can be directed to the Chemistry Education Support Team.

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Exemption Outcome
Students will receive an outcome by the end of week 2. Any applications submitted after the end of week 1 will receive an email within a week of submitting their exemption.

If a practical exemption is not granted, you must attend the entire practical course - failure to do so will result in a grade of AF (ABSENT FAIL). No consideration will be given to any student who does not attend the practical course after an application for exemption is rejected. Until you are advised of the outcome, you should attend your timetabled practical classes.
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