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**COVID-19 Update**

The lab is now accepting all samples. Choose from the following delivery methods:

DROP-OFF/CURBSIDE-- Monday-Friday 7:45am-4:00pm. Call 715-346-3209 when you arrive. Masks required on campus.

SHIP-- Via USPS, UPS, FedEx or Spee-Dee Delivery. Some services offer package pickup from your home. Bacteria samples require overnight shipping, early in week.

To speak to a staff member, please contact us: 715-346-3209 |

(Note: If you select Homeowner Package, Metals Package, and DACT, you'll receive the Comprehensive Homeowners Package for a discounted price of $135)


Complete the information below to request your water testing kit:
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The best option if you are unsure of which tests to perform.
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Individual metals are $25 for one, and $9 for each additional metal added.

Consider testing for metals if:

- Your well has never been tested for arsenic
- You are experiencing problems with staining
- Previous tests indicated the presence of arsenic
- Your plumbing system has components that contain copper or lead​

For more info regarding metals testing:
METALS - Choose one or more of the following: *
Consider testing for pesticides if:

- Your well is within 1/4 mile of corn or soybean fields
- Previous tests indicated elevated levels of nitrate

For more info regarding pesticide testing: or call 715-346-3209
Pesticide Analysis *
A screening tool to investigate the presence of human waste that may be impacting a well or surface water body. We test for 13 compounds including artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, and other personal care products.
PPCP Analysis *
If you would like to test more than one well, please indicate that here. If only testing one well, please type "1". *
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